At Mpanga G.T.F.L, Quality is paramount. To produce a consistent, high quality made tea, we believe in quality control at every stage of the production process i.e. self-checking mechanism has been installed at every stage of manufacture to ensure production of good quality teas. Tasting is an intrinsic part of our tea production process: our highly experienced tasters examine each sample for appearance, infusion and liquor. All results are recorded and reviewed. This has ensured a unique liquor and aroma which identifies Mpanga tea from other teas.

Mpanga teas are produced, right from the gardens under very strict hygiene standards and are free from pesticides residue. As an international producer, Mpanga has observed some of the standards required of food processing industries. Mpanga is currently implementing HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical points) to ensure safety of its products to the final consumer. This has increased the buyer’s confidence in our products.

Mpanga has highly trained personnel who provide extension services to the small holder tea farmers to ensure good crop husbandry and production of high quality green tea leaves. Tea farmers are supplied with appropriate fertilizer every year, on affordable credit scheme.

On the estates we are investing in new areas of clonal tea guaranteed to improve the quality of the end product. Our tea nurseries are continuously monitored and nurtured until the young plants are ready for planting out.

Mpanga teas are hand plucked to ensure strict adherence to set plucking standards. The top priority is embedded in sustaining a juicy legacy of two leaves and a bud. It’s hallmark of Quality.