Mpanga Growers Tea Factory is a public limited company owned by small holder tea growers. It was incorporated in 1995 . It is located in western Uganda Kabarole district, producing high quality tea for local and export market.It is one of the tea factories formerly under Uganda Tea Growers Corporation (U T G C), established by an Act of parliament on 17th February 1966.

After privatization by Ugandan government with the assistance of the European Union, small holder tea farmers were encouraged to buy shares in order to have ownership of the factory and to increase on the share capital of the company. The objectives of privatizing the companies was to empower small holder tea farmers to increase on their production, improve house hold income, and to become self sustaining.

By the year 2000, all the 100,000 share capital had been paid up the shareholders; hence becoming the legitimate owners of Mpanga Growers Tea Factory. Currently the company has a membership of 461 shareholders. Mpanga Growers Tea Factory Limited processes green leaf into high quality made tea for primarily the export market and to a small extent the local Uganda market. The company has four estates where it grows the green leaf. These are Kasunga, Kibaale, Kyapa and Demo.

The farmers who own the company also grow green leaf which they supply to the factory as out-growers. The total acreage of tea for both the out growers and factory owned estates is 1,274 ha out of this 200 ha (16%) of the total acreage belongs to the factory estates and the rest is owned by out-growers.

Ownership or Membership

MGTFL is a public limited liability company registered under the companies act. The total registered share capital is USh. 1 billion divided into 200,000 shares of USh. 5,000 per share. To become a member, one should be a bonafide land owner producing green leaf in the area where the company operates.