Mpanga produces black CTC teas in different grades mainly for export. The teas are produced in two grades, primary and secondary grades. The primary grades are packed in aluminum lined 4-ply paper sacks to preserve the quality and flavors while secondary grades are packed in polyethene lined poly bags

Mpanga teas have a unique liquor and aroma which identifies it from other teas. The tea is hand plucked and produced with a lot of care

Primary Grades

      Net weight per bag (kgs) No of bags per Invoice (kgs)
1 BP Broken Pekoe 50 20
2 BP1 Broken Pekeo 1 55 40
3 PF1 Pekeo Fanning 1 60 60
4 PD Pekoe Dust 70 60
5 D1 Dust 1 80 40

Secondary Grades

      Net weight per bag No of packages per invoice
1 PF Pekeo Fanning 55 40
2 Fannings Fanning’s 50 40
3 BMF Broken mixed Fanning’s 45 20