Mpanga Growers Tea Factory Limited

Mpanga Growers Tea Factory is a public limited company owned by small holder tea growers. It was incorporated in 1995 . It is located in western Uganda Kabarole district, producing high quality tea for local and export market.It is one of the tea factories formerly under Uganda Tea Growers Corporation (U T G C), established by an Act of parliament on 17th February 1966.

After privatization by Ugandan government with the assistance of the European Union, small holder tea farmers were encouraged to buy shares in order to have ownership of the factory and to increase on the share capital of the company. The objectives of privatizing the companies was to empower small holder tea farmers to increase on their production, improve house hold income, and to become self sustaining.Read More

Why Mpanga Tea

At Mpanga G.T.F.L, Quality is paramount. To produce a consistent, high quality made tea, we believe in quality control at every stage of the production process i.e. self-checking mechanism has been installed at every stage of manufacture to ensure production of good quality teas. Tasting is an intrinsic part of our tea production process Read More

Tea and Health

A flurry of discoveries about tea’s health benefits, plus renewed appreciation of its ancient heritage, has pushed tea to the fore. Its antioxidants appear to lower cholesterol levels, improve cardiovascular health and help guard against some cancers. And some experts believe its flavonoids may inhibit the growth of plaque on teeth. Read More

Tea Production

Tea bushes are planted – from 1 meter to 1.5 meters apart – to follow the natural contours of the landscape, sometimes growing on specially prepared terraces to help irrigation and to prevent erosion. Young plants are raised from cuttings obtained from a mother bush and they are carefully tendered in special nursery beds until Read More

Currently, Mpanga Growers Tea Factory Company Limited has three broad categories of market outlets, namely the Mombasa Auction, Fair trade, and the local market.The Mombasa Auction, which is a tea trading house in the East African region, takes up to 98% of total sales of our teas.

Mpanga being Fair-trade affiliate sells some of her teas to fair trade buyers, which accounts for 1.6% of the total sales. Teas sold on fair trade market carry a premium which goes towards the improvement of unprivileged social economic well being of the local community within the Company tea growing areas. Read More

Mpanga Growers tea Factory Limited has a Training wing with a fully fledged training and conference facility known as Kasunga Training and Conference Resort. The facility comprises of an infrastructure complex ideally designed for residential training functions and other related activities.

The facility is open to the public as well for full utilization at a pocket friendly fee for the underlisted services Read More


The mission of Mpanga Growers Tea Factory Company Limited is the processing of tea leaf and marketing of high quality made tea on behalf of the shareholder farmers.


Mpanga Growers Tea Factory Company Limited’s vision is to become a competitive and sustainable small tea holder’s factory in Uganda.